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How To Predict College Football Betting Lines

What are college football betting lines?

It looks like this weekend the Auburn and Florida State betting lines favor Auburn be a wide margin.

The odds makers in Las Vegas start to prepare the college football betting lines usually a few weeks prior to the big game and the points always favor the team which has the best record and the team that clearly shows a winning edge.

These football odds however can be misleading because some many things can happen during real game. The weather could be a factor, the quarterback may get ill and the second string quarterback may have to step in, etc. There are a variety of factors that will make those football predictions change the closer you get to game day.

Take last weeks sugar bowl game between OU and Alabama. Alabama was favored over OU by a pretty wide margin simply because they looked like the better team.

However, as we saw throughout the entire game, OU dominated Alabama and went on to win. Many of the online betting systems had Alabama to win by 13 and the actual outcome was much different.

Zcode system was used for me to predict a favorable win for OU and I went with the bet. Even though many of my buddies went for Alabama to win and were envious of me because I picked the actual winner of the game.

I simply used my secret weapon and let the software determine the team that had the better stats and had the better overall chance to win. All the odds makers in Vegas had predicted Alabama to win but they were all wrong. Funny how that happens.

College football betting lines are established from a list of stats that are compared to each other to determine the overall points spread. The higher the point spread, the more potential to make a lot of money.

I told my results from Zcode to my other buddy who also bet on OU and he wasn’t surprised much by the numbers. He also thought that OU would win the game simply because their stats looked better that their opposing team.

You have to make sure that you keep emotion out of the equation whenever you do decide to place a bet on any game, especially football betting.

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