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Looking For a Football Betting System That Works?

Searching for football betting systems that work online?

When I started to look for a football betting system that would analyze 2 teams and then pick the one that had the better chance of winning, I came across the Zcode System. I joined their service and started out placing small bets with my online bookie just to see if this software actually performed like they said it would.


So I placed a bet after the Zcode system predictor cranked out some results that said the Giants were an overall favorite to win the game against the Chiefs. I bet $150 for them to win and they did. Wow this was the easiest money I’ve ever made betting on a sports game.


Is this a football betting system that works for the newbie?

I continued to place more bets on football betting online and won 5 out of 7 bets that I placed based on the recommendation of the software results. I thought that was pretty good considering I left all my emotion out of it and instead just went with the results that the zcode system sports predictor gave back when it compared the 2 teams.

So I told my buddy TC about this software and asked if he would like to place a bet based on the software results because I was winning alot. He was a complete sports betting newbie and was a little apprehensive to spend any of his hard earned money gambling.

I reassured him that this type of betting wasn’t really gambling as you were getting results from a software program that accurately weighed in all the stats from the 2 teams and compared them when they were faced to lay each other. He agreed to make his first bet and won $55 after booking fees. He was totally hooked.

After looking for a football betting system that will work and is easy, try this.

I’ve tried other sports betting systems that promised the moon and stars and that would take all the guesswork out of betting, only to find out that they were a let down when I actually placed bets in the real world.

The Zcode system has so far been amazing at predicting the outcome of the game for football betting odds. I’ve used it to place 25 bets so far and all but 6 have been winners. I don’t know of any other system that has produced results like that. The Zcode software works and gets you the results you want, which is to pick the winners.

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